The truth about salt water pools

The truth about salt water pools

Salt water pool


There are mixed reviews of the salt water pool vs. chlorine pools today.  Well to get a salt water pool  with the initial salt startup you will spend around $2,000 upfront.  Let’s look at the benefit’s of the salt water pool:  softer water, easier to maintain a “blue” pool, chemicals less expensive.  The downside’s of salt: can be corrosive to pool equipment (I’ll explain later), upfront expense, high ph.

Payoff of the salt water pool vs. chlorine:

To look from a true cost/payoff of the salt water pool vs. chlorine many companies will tell you that the system will pay for itself in 3 years.  This is a false number because the salt cell, or the unit that actually generates chlorine from the salt, usually will last 3-5 years.  While salt is a lot cheaper than chlorine, you have to figure in the price of acid, or the thing that lowers the high ph.  In saltwater pools the ph continues to rise unlike a chlorine pool.  I figure a true cost/payoff of the salt system will take about 7 years to pay for itself.  If you ever have any dripping by your equipment on a salt water pool and it is dripping on any metal, such as your pump motor, you need to address this ASAP as the salt can corrode the metal. Also, if you have any kind of stone/flagstone on the pool, the water can eat/pit the stone if the stone is soft enough.  You can address this by sealing the stone with a good sealer.

The owner’s of Crystal Pools differ in opinion as Jeff still has a chlorine pool where as Kevin love’s salt water pools. The main thing is to understand the true factors of what each system will do for you.  Kevin likes the saltwater system because your pool should never go “green” unless you are not paying any attention to the pool.  The key thing to remember with a salt water pool is to check the ph weekly as it will rise and address the levels with muratic acid weekly.  The salt systems out there are wonderful but homeowners need to get a true understanding of what the pluses and minuses are of the salt system.  If you have any questions about anything in today’s pool industry or looking for a company you can trust in south Louisiana, please give Jeff or Kevin Knott a call or email and we will tell you the truth, not what will lead to the company making money.  Thanks!


Salt water pool :  The final decision is yours but I hope this info guides you into making the right choice!

salt water pool

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